Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What is PowerPoint? What can we do with PowerPoint?


Power point is used for office work. Power point is a graphics slide presentation. A power point is include in may type of multimedia programs such as audio, video, music, pictures, sound, text and chart to create an very interactive presentation .  PowerPoint is used in Business Project, Classroom and training project.

Power Point presentation uses different- different ways such as- college project, company project, create a college prospectus by power point application and then etc. Power point office is a unique and effective presentation.

1. (I) - Choose a blank presentation and a template- 

You can create a blank presentation or create a template. You also apply your own style in Blank template slide, it’s a time consuming process. A template can give your presentation a unique style.  

(II)- Create title slide-

Your title is the first thing that, you are Audience will see. Most presentation will include their group’s name on the title as well.

(III)- Make new slide for content- 

You can add a slide for press the Ctrl + M Or click on the new slide in group of Home Tab. You can choose to use these or insert your own objects using the insert tab.

(IV)- Start your Presentation- 

You can start by pressing F5 to start slide show.

(V)- Frame your presentation- 

You can use the frame on the left side  the window to quickly scroll through your slides. Click the mouse to advance the slide.

2.(I)- Add transitions between slides- 

You can start adding some effect to help make it a bit more interesting for your audience. Select a slide and click on the Transition tab. You can also click on the arrow at the end of the list to open the full listing of available transitions.

(II)- Add Backgrounds-

If your presentation is standard text on a plane white background, you can change a font text style and you can add a background picture or colors, because if your background, font style and picture not interesting , than your audience will be sleep before you complete third slide.

(III)- Add image- 

You can add a picture, diagram and others visual aids can help the audience grasp the ideas of your presentation and drive your point home.

(IV)- Add links- 

You can add websites or email addresses hyperlinks in your slides for quickly access. This can be mostly useful if you are distributing the presentation and want people to be able to easily view related sent you an email.

3. (I) - choose a good font size-

You can change is a very easily font size. You go to click on the font size on the group of Font command. Power point presentation are designed to be read, otherwise it would just be a speech.

(II)- Spelling and Grammar checking- 

You can change spelling and grammar in power point presentation.

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