Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How to Use Home Tab Function in MS Office Excel?


Microsoft Excel Home tab is a very important in Microsoft Office package. Home tab allow a lot of things that you can change the document setting as the font properties, add bullets, and add a numbering, change alignment, number, cut, copy, paste and conditional formatting.


The clipboard contains is a group of home tab, and that contain the main edit command such as Cut, Copy, paste and Format painter. The clipboard is a very useful tool to move text pictures and character from one place to another place of document.


The excel spreadsheet is package of the Microsoft office, that it is a Spreadsheet program. You can also enter both Numerical data and words and apply formulas to quickly perform such as a adding numbers or calculating the total of columns. The formula can also be applied to cell containing. A bitmap font is a digital representation of a font, which is already fixed in size. You can change the font style, change size, bold, italic, underline and change the background color.



The alignment is group of home tab, which you can use in the document. There are different – different types of alignment. First alignment is a Vertical alignment, which in include three type of alignment like Top of align, Medill of align, Bottom of align and next second alignment is a Horizontal alignment, which in include four types of alignment such as Left align, Center align, Right align and Justify. The Orientation button will change the text in the cell so you can align text at an angle, vertical, up and down.


Number is a main important part of Microsoft Excel, because excel is a spreadsheet calculations software. You can change the number format in any cell. Highlight the cell you want to change the number format in Microsoft Excel.


You can use style command for conditional formatting. It is very interesting style because once you have place formulas in your spreadsheet. You can change the color of a cell if it does not meet the criteria you set. You can put multiple conditional formatting options. You want to style section is format as table or if you creating a table, so you can start with this option and select one of the style.


Cells command is group of Home tab. That section you can add, Delete cell Or Format cell. You can insert an entire row with the insert sheet Rows. Click the down arrow on the Insert button. You can see Excel automatically give you Sheet1, Sheet2 and Sheet3 by default. You can delete sheet Rows, delete an entire row and the delete sheet columns will delete a whole column.


Editing is a last section of home tab. A spreadsheet I have put a total row at the bottoms of each section. That is very easy with this button. All you need to do click the sell below the numbers you would like to total, average, count and find the max.

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