Monday, April 25, 2016

Some Useful Shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel by Keyboard

Excel is a spreadsheet program from Microsoft Office, this component is office product group of business application. Excel is automated version of the paper base spreadsheet that makes it easier to manipulation process and views the data. Although, excel are reportedly first spreadsheet to introduce cell names and macro, excel implemented a graphical user interface and ability to point and click using a mouse.   

There are some type of Microsoft Excel shortcut key, Below- 

Ctrl+PgDn – Switches between worksheet tabs, from right to left.
Ctrl+PgUp – Switches between worksheet tabs, from left to right.
Ctrl+Shift+& - Applies the outline border to the selected cell.
Ctrl+Shift+_- Remove the outline border from the selected cells.
Ctrl+Shift+~- Applies the general number format.
Ctrl+Shift+$ - Applies the currency format with decimal number.
Ctrl+Shift+% - Applies the percentage format with decimal number.
Ctrl+Shift+ (- unhide any hidden rows.
Ctrl+Shift+) - unhide any hidden columns.
Ctrl+Shift+^- Applies the Exponential number format with decimal number.
Ctrl+Shift+# - Applies the date format with the day, month and year.
Ctrl+shift+@- Applies the time format with hour and minutes, and AM or PM.
Ctrl+Shift+:- Enters the current time.
Ctrl+Shift+ (+) Plus- Display the insert dialog box to insert blank cells.
Ctrl+ (-) minus – Display the delete dialo9g box to delete the select cell.
Crtl+;- Enters the current dare.
Ctrl+1- Display the format cell dialog box.
Ctrl+2- Applies Or remove bold formatting.
Ctrl+3- Applies or remove italic formatting.
Ctrl+4- Applies or formatting underline.
Ctrl+5- Applies or formatting strikethrough.
Ctrl+8- Display or hides the outline symbols.
Ctrl+9- Hide the select the rows.
Ctrl+0- Hides the selected columns.
Ctrl+A – Select the enter worksheet.
Ctrl+ B – Applies/Remove bold formatting.
Ctrl+ C- Copies the selected cells.
Ctrl+ F- Open fined and replace dialog box.
Ctrl+ Shift+ F – Open the format cell dialog box.
Ctrl+G- Open the Go to dialog box.
Ctrl+ H- Open the find and replace dialog box.
Ctrl+ I- Applies/Remove Italic formatting.
Ctrl+ K – Open the insert hyperlinks dialog box.
Ctrl+ N – Create a new workbook.
Ctrl+ O – Display the open dialog box.
Ctrl+ P-open the print dialog box.
Ctrl+ Shift+ P- Opens the format cell dialog box.
Ctrl+R- use the fill right command to copy the contents.
Ctrl+ S - Save the current file.
Ctrl+ T-Create table dialog box.
Ctrl+U- Applies/Remove underline.  

Ctrl+Atl+V- Open the paste special dialog box.
Ctrl+W- Close the selected workbook windows.
Ctrl+X- cut the selecte cells.
Ctrl+Y- Repeat (Redo) the last command.
Ctrl+shift+*- Select the current region around the active cell.
Ctrol+Shift+”- Copies the value from the cell above cell into the cell.
Ctrl+Shift+! -Switches between Expanding and collapsing of the formula bar.
Ctrl+Z- use the undo command to the reverse the last command.
Ctrl+V – Insert the contents of the clipboard at the insertion pint and replaces any selection.

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