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How to Use Page Layout features in MS Word? A Microsoft Office Word Tutorial

The Page Layout is important features in Microsoft office word application program. It is includes different type of designing themes, you can change style of your page, apply background color, change page border and page color. You can also change your document Indent, Spacing and paragraph setting.


The document themes feature used for change
the overall design of your document page; you can use every type of font size, colors and text in document. Document themes are set to formatting themes colors and font. You can also choose lines and fill effects in your documents.

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2-Page setup

Page setup is an important part of document design, it’s includes different – different setting features like document margin size, Orientation, paper size for your document. You can also use page break option; insert column and numbers in documents depending on your needs.

I- Margin  

You can change the margins size in your MS word document any time during the writing process or specific parts of text. It is included different type of margin option such as top margin, bottom margin and you can also change Left margin and Right margin. There are many task; you can changes margins such as create a perfect margin for exam paper and making a perfect Resume.

II- Orientation

Orientation is a page layout option. There are two types of layouts in orientation first portrait and second is Landscape. Portrait is a page size of vertical and landscape is page size of horizontal type of document. For example- exam paper is a portrait (Vertical) size of page, and exam copy is Landscape (Horizontal) size of page.

III - Size

You can change paper size of MS word document with many options. It’s use Letter size paper by default in Microsoft word. You can change paper size on the way of two types, first width and second height. 

IV- Columns

You can divide your document in to column. If you want to divide your document in to one with multiple columns, basically choose the column format you want from the column menu in page setup option.  So you can choose any type of presets column, that include five type of presets column such as One, Two, Three and you can choose Left and Right presets column.

V- Break

If you want to divide in to your document paragraph one in to multiple pages. So you can use of page break in Microsoft word 2007. Page break is the most only start you on the next page. A page break divided in to two parts such as first page break and second section break. Page break in to include in page break, column break and text wrapping and second section Break in to include in Next page break, continue, Even page, odd page.  

VI- Line number

You can add line number and paragraph number in your document. You can change paragraph 6,7,21, and 27”. You can also change line number in ms word is very simply. So you may want to number the lines in your document. You can have line numbers run continuously through your document.

3-Page Background

Page background is a picture behind your text in your document.  You can add different- different page background color and you can add background picture, background color and you can add a text, behind your text in your document. You can also change your background. You can add a background image to any page in a word document instead of a solid color or pattern. How to add a page background color in Microsoft word?
Open your document and choose page layout tab, then select page color to select the background color you want.

I-Water mark

The watermark is a faded, background color and image behind the text in to your document. You can use faded background, copyright, and patent notice. It’s in include such as company logo, document status, you can use in your project file document.   You can add a text watermark, like draft or confidential to your document. Watermark can be view only in print layout and full screen reading views and on the printed page.

II-Page color

You can add color your page behind your text. You can changing page color or image background in document can give it an eye-candy look and feel, in this post will show you can insert both the background colors and image in word can change  a multiple color your behind text in Microsoft word, which looked your page very interesting. It is used in different-different work, such a make trampled, latter paid and different type of bill paid.

III-Page boarder

You can make a different – different page border in Microsoft word. You can put a border around just one page, if that page is at the beginning of a document.  Microsoft word 2007 bring page border in different shapes and style.   


Paragraph is an important part of creating effective documents lies in the document design. You can very easy create a paragraph in your document, because it reading and understanding is very easy.


There are two type of indent can adjust Left and Right for margin. You can adjust the indentation in Microsoft word 2007, depending on your needs. You change the margin for whole document of ruler bar.

II- Spacing

You can change spacing between paragraphs by adding space above the select paragraph in MS word. You can increase spacing to improve reduce it to fit more text on the page.

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