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What is Google PageRank? A complete Introduction Guide

What is Google PageRank? A complete Introduction Guide

What is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank is named of its co-founder Larry Page. PageRank is a difficult link analysis algorithm used by Google to determine a website contents or pages. PageRank measure popularity of web pages in terms of the number of links building from other web pages published online. Google PageRank also checks quality of that links according to algorithm.

When you type search keywords in Google search engine, than search engine first priority is provide you relevant or same search content result. The question is this “how it’s possible?” Lets we talk about
these question here, because Google use more than 200 different criteria to determine which web pages have same and relevant keywords or contents that’s user search. It’s all done by Google PageRank algorithms.

What is Google PageRank? A complete Introduction Guide

Google PageRank gives 0 to 10 score for every website according to his algorithms. The example of highly good website and PageRank are 10 and PageRank 9.  A new websites start with PageRank 0. A Good Google PageRank is important but not a sign that’s website have a high ranking in search.  

How PageRank works

When a Site ABC links to your web page, Google PageRank algorithms count as a vote for your web pages. Google takes these types of votes to understand that your website and pages are relevant and trustworthy. In simple words, if link of your web page is published on another web page article or post, your page earn a PageRank according to Google PageRank algorithm.

Google search engine always wants to return page results that relative to keyword, relevant, good and popular. It checks web pages with PageRank scores in the SERPs and all many factors.

What is Link Juice?

What is Google page rank? what is Link Juice?

When you link your pages internally from one post to another post or some other website link to your web pages, then your web page earns PageRank points these PageRank points is also called “link juice”. In other word Link juice is a SEO term that refers PageRank point passed via links from external or internal.

How much Important Page Rank for your Website

According to Matt Cutts an expert employee of Google Inc, says, you should not focus only on improve your PageRank, because page ranking are depend on your website contents, relative good post with well written manner. Because when your contents are good and authentic, you could get a high Ranking position automatically on the basis of other factors. 

So don’t depend too much on PageRank and link building. He also explains that Google started Panda and Penguin algorithm for clean up these type activity to get higher search rankings. So don’t depend too much.

My Analysis

I am not telling that PageRank and link building are not important. But keep in mind that your all link are not from a same site or un-relevant site. You can build link from a good or authentic site always. Google page rank count only quality link referred instead of quantity, so it’s always better to choose quality link building. If you have more links its could not means a good page rank, because quality is more important than quantity. Google penalized for Poor quality links, links from unrelated or spam sites that decrease or kill your search engine rankings.

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