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Top 10 step to create Perfect & Amazing Facebook Profile.

Facebook is a social media network website. Which are very easy for connect with our family and friends online. In the 2004 facebook was launched by founder Mark Zuckerberg. Nowadays, facebook is the world largest social networking site with joined the 1 billion users worldwide a reported by search.
Top 10 step to create Perfect & Amazing Facebook Profile.

Facebook profile is used for increasing business and social networking or friends. How your profile looks, it’s give first impression to your friends and connection. It’s very important to you and your personality. So first you think how create an impressive and perfect facebook profile. It’s not a very hard task to create perfect profile.

You can implement these top 10 steps to perfect your facebook profile very easily.

If you already have facebook account it’s amazing, if not than First you open a facebook account with your email id or mobile number. You can read my Popular Post How to Create Facebook Account step by step guide? It’s always good chose a email to open a facebook account, you can read my Popular Post How to Create a Google Gmail Account- Step by Step guide?

Then follow these top ten steps to Perfect your facebook profile -

1. Create Your Cover Photo Impressive

facebook Create Your Cover Photo

Now change your cover picture that’s told a story or good feeling or unique related to your personality. First you choose your cover picture a good quality or high resolution, that your cover picture qualities don’t enough size and not a small size. You can chose Horizontal cover, and its pixels size is 851 x 351. You can change your cover image every fifteen days or 25 days. Chose cover image related to your tour programs, picnic party, birthday party and any good Image you like. Please choose good and clear image quality.

2. Create Your Profile Photo Perfect

Always choose your profile image very carefully because profile image are a mirror of your personality, how you looking, what you think, you can choose a good quality profile image because you’re profile picture are open for public. Everyone chose profile picture to looking good and best, so why you not. You do not use whole body image, scrappy image, full shining, over exposed Photoshop image. Always use good and clear profile image, because all people see it properly. Do not always change your profile image, because it not good and trusty.

3. Choose A Similar Profile And Cover Photo

Choose a good cover with quality Facebook profile image are mostly similar, which looking so beautiful in the beginning and be impressive. Perfect in appearance, amazing convey personality and good in front of other peoples. So it’s really impress people and your friends both.

4. Don’t Change Same Statues and Post All The Time

Everyone always share creative and nice post, so that Post not frequently and not always the same, you can’t share same post every day. There are always three or four times post and share in a week. You can share different types of post like- your Birthday Celebration photo, latest and amazing videos, news, tour and amazing things.

5. Do Not Change Your Profile Picture Daily

Please do not change your profile picture daily, because it’s irritating some of your friends. It’s not a good impression on your friends and people. So do not always change your Profile Image. Best way to Change your profile image 1 time in a month or 4 times in six months.

6. Always Share Interesting and Humorous Articles

So you know that nowadays the Internet used for the Education, Business, news and valuable information. Always share interesting and information post and articles. Use your profile to share good articles, jokes, Humorous, and funny type post. 

So that you are well known in your friends for sharing good content and keeping people interested in the sort of things with your post. If you are on Facebook post about online paper, good website, good student material for study and some beauty tips, so you will become famous between your friends and people.

7. Link Your Profile to Your Other Social Media Sites

facebook Link Your Profile Other Social Media Sites

Link your facebook profile with your other social network profile so user and friends of other profile add you or follow you. It’s a good technique to increase friends and followers.

Please see how I link facebook profile to my Google plus profile. My facebook Profile Link with My Google Plus Profile.

8.  Write Impressive Detail About You

About You edit facebook

Your write detail about you, like short story and tell me about. Detail about you is a full detail of you, like and dislike, what you want and why you on facebook.

If you want see example how I write my facebook Detail about you. Click link below-

About You

Write a short story about you is interesting. Write your introduction and purpose of facebook profile. It’s identifies your Personality and Your Image.

Others Name 

You can use your nickname and calling birth name otherwise chose a name your friend gives you.

Favorite Quotes

Write a favorite quotes, statement you love to tell world or write a statement that reflect your personality.

If you want see example how I add. Click link below-

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”-Albert Einstein Quotes

9. Fill Your Working Detail and Education Detail

Provide your work detail. So all your friends know about what you do and work. Provide your education detail, so all your friends know complete about you. A complete work and education details gives a good impression on your friends and people mind.

If you want see example how I write my Detail. Click link below-

10. Add Photo, Community and Pages You Like

Add what community you like, add some movie, some good serials, your favorite actors, your favorite singer, your favorite game and favorite players, favorites book and pages you like. It’s give people and friends a feedback, which type personality you, are.

You can suggest me anything related to this post, so I can improve this post better. Send your suggestion in comment box; if you want to mail me please go on contact page. You can share and like this post, so other is benefited by this post.

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