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How to Create Google+ Plus Business Page?

How to Create Google+ Plus Business Page?

Google+ plus are a Google Inc operated social networking site. Google+ or Google Plus is same as facebook Business Page. Google plus provide services like create and share page, communities, like or follow page or profile, share post and chat with friends. Google+ plus are growing in social networking site world. It has amazing growth in now days although size of users, post, pages and its unique services.

The Google+ plus Page is used for promoting and sharing information of business, organization, brand or personal. This is a very easy and simple ways for business and personal promotion purpose, that the result you can easily growth of business and became famous and acceptable.
The Google+ plus page work very similar like personal profile page, but page are for publicly visible online.

Step 1. Create Google+ plus Page

When you are ready to create Google+ plus business or personal page, first you should have a Google+ plus profile than go to create business page. If you have not a Google+ plus profile than create Google+ plus profile with Gmail Id than create page. You can read my popular post How to Join and Create Attractive Google Plus Profile step by step Guide And for create a new Gmail account read How to Create a Google Gmail Account- Step by Step. After you can create a Google+ plus business or personal page. You Can go directly as below pics-

How to Create Google+ Plus Business Page?

or Go directly by click Google+ Plus Page creation.

Create Google+ Plus Business Page?

There is three type’s category of Google+ plus page.  

category of Google+ plus business page.

1. Storefront- Restaurant, Retail, Store, Hotel.

2. Service area- Plumber, pizza delivery, taxi service.

3. Brand- Product, sports team, music band cause.

You can choose any category of page. Here I choose Brand category for step by step guide. All categories are almost same. Click on categories than open a dialog box like “Create a Google+ plus Page”.

Step 2. Fill your Basic Information

The first detail is related to your Page Name (which name do you want), after fill up website address and type of page (Product or brand name) next click on agree button and create page. Now your page has been completed.

Step 3. Profile Photo

Next step is Choose profile photo. This is an open dialog box to upload profile image. You can choose profile picture upload from computer. Your profile picture is clear and good; choose a small and clear profile picture, Google+ plus recommending size 180x180 pixels. 

Your profile picture should be something that people will easily recognize; it’s generally picture or any type of logo Brand. If you have others profile for your business on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, be sure to use same profile photo for Google+ plus page, because your connections on other social media will recognize your page easily.

You can See Blog Google+ Business Page as Example.

Step 4. Cover photo

Next step is Choose cover picture that’s told a story or good feeling or unique related to your business or related to page. Choose your cover picture a good quality or high resolution; your cover picture qualities don not enough size and not a small size. You can chose Horizontal cover, and its pixels size is 851 x 351. Choose cover image related to your business tour programs, office picnic party and any good Image you like.

Step 5. About page Information

Google+ plus page About page Information

Click on about button and fill all related information. The about section will serve as the main three sentence describe for your company. It is your main page so that make it is descriptive but succinct.

You can See TechNSocial Google+ Business About Page as Example.

1. Story


So that you skipped enter a tagline during the started page create, you can enter it now by clicking on that section of your profile page.


There are you have complete information about all, such as a information about your business from your company website, company email address, and be sure to the include Links with text. Your front open a dialog box that is an only fill up 50 characters of your introduction will appear I Google+ plus result.   

2. Contact Information

There is some related information of company, such as phone number, Email address, Address, fax. These are given the all information, because your company gets verification

3. Add Links

In this section you can create your Google+ Plus link. Next add any website address and some other profile links.

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