Do You Know Advantage and Disadvantage of Android OS ?


Android is a very important OS, because Android is a mobile operating system base on the Linux kernel. It is developed by Google, which designed for the touch screen mobile device such as Smartphones, the table computer, specialized user interface for Android TV.

The Android Operating System provides user to touch input to manipulate on the screen object, that used to virtual keyboard, it was designed for touch screen in input, it has been uses by in game equipment's, the cameras, PC’s and others electronic devices.

How to Use Home Tab Function in MS Office Excel?


Microsoft Excel Home tab is a very important in Microsoft Office package. Home tab allow a lot of things that you can change the document setting as the font properties, add bullets, and add a numbering, change alignment, number, cut, copy, paste and conditional formatting.

What is PowerPoint? What can we do with PowerPoint?


Power point is used for office work. Power point is a graphics slide presentation. A power point is include in may type of multimedia programs such as audio, video, music, pictures, sound, text and chart to create an very interactive presentation .  PowerPoint is used in Business Project, Classroom and training project.

Top Five Best and Latest Web Browsers in the World

Web Browser

Web Browser is an application program, which developed to access information on World Wide Web from anywhere by Internet. World Wide Web short form is “www”. A web Browser is an Application Program, which helps us to find content on internet and on computer system. All of these applications can use this web page such as all type of Image, text or text document, all types of Games, Video and Audio files.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important To Grow Your Business or Blog Website?

Do you know social media marketing have a strong value in these days’ more than 80% business use social media marketing in today to grow his business and brand image? Today mostly business marketing team using social media as a marketing tool that can help grow his brand image and return of investment.

Some Useful Different - Different Shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel by Keyboard

Excel is a spreadsheet program from Microsoft Office; this component is office product group for Business application.. Excel is automated version of the paper base spreadsheet that makes it easier to manipulate process and view the data. Microsoft excel is spreadsheet application that enable to manipulate and graph data. Excel application is the most used and widely available spreadsheet application.

Some Useful Shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel by Keyboard

Excel is a spreadsheet program from Microsoft Office, this component is office product group of business application. Excel is automated version of the paper base spreadsheet that makes it easier to manipulation process and views the data. Although, excel are reportedly first spreadsheet to introduce cell names and macro, excel implemented a graphical user interface and ability to point and click using a mouse.   

What is Microsoft Excel spreadsheet? An Introduction Guide

Microsoft office is an office work Related application software, that’s include different types of program such as Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point,  Microsoft Access. Each programs are make for different purpose and compatible with others programs, which includes in the package. Microsoft office programs are compatible with both the windows and Macintosh (MAC) operating system. Microsoft office is popular software that’s used in the official purpose.
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